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The CEO's Insight - Summer 2019
To our great members,

Thank for a great start to 2019! Can you believe we are halfway through 2019 already? OCCU continues to produce strong, solid financial results while substantially supporting all the communities we serve. As a not-for-profit cooperative structure credit unions, in Washington (and beyond) continue to live the mission in many different ways; locally, statewide and nationally. OCCU continues to support and volunteer at over 45 different non-profits and many other organizations such as; Mason County Sheriff’s Department, Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department, Shelton Police Department, McCleary Police Department, Aberdeen Police Department, Summit Pacific Medical Center, Mason County YMCA, and many more. We have amazing employees that constantly search for ways to serve and to contribute to the communities we are in.
                Recently DepositAccounts.com informed OCCU:  “Congratulations OCCU for being named to the 2019 Deposit Accounts Top 200 list of the Healthiest Credit Unions in the United States. OCCU achieved an incredible A+ health rating in the 2019 Deposit Accounts health study, making OCCU one of the healthiest NCUA insured Credit Unions in the United States.” More specifically, OCCU is the 5th HIGHEST RANKING WASHINGTON credit union on the list, ranking 87th nationally. DepositAccounts.com is the largest and most comprehensive online publication in the U.S. dedicated to providing banking and deposits product information to consumers. DepositAccounts.com evaluates the financial health of over 11,000 banks and credit unions in the United States. Many factors are taken into consideration including; capitalization, deposits and loan to reserves ratios. To further support this, OCCU still maintains some of the highest CD rates in the country and some of the lowest fees to members in our peer group size. When our members talk to us we listen, thank you for sharing and caring. Remember as a “not-for-profit cooperative” you have a say in YOUR credit union. Thank you for caring!
            Speaking of caring, did you know that July is Adult Abuse Prevention month? Did you know that since 2008 the number of reported cases in Washington (source: Adult Protective Services) has increased over 250%? Keep in the mind this DOES NOT include cases NOT reported. This continues to be a growing issue statewide and on a national basis. As far as Mason County is concerned, I can tell you firsthand, we continue to see a huge increase. Here is a scary fact; many times it is a family member, relative or close family friend that is committing the abuse. Here is the bad news/good news. The bad, there is no easy fix for this. The good news, we can all do a better job of educating ourselves on the signs, symptoms and options to help an elder in need. Financial abuse/exploitation of the elderly is devastating to everyone involved and we must work together to help curb this growth. Mason County has quite a few services available, challenge yourself to contact them and educate yourself on the signs, symptoms and options and have conversations with family, friends and neighbors and lets work together to improve the life of the elderly.    
                Finally, THANK YOU to you, our members. OCCU is here because of you! We know every single member has options and can pick from any number of financial institutions, in-person, on line or a phone call away. Every month 40% to 60% of our new members join because of word of mouth. The time is right to share the OCCU story, financially OCCU is very safe and sound and we have been COMMUNITY STRONG since 1941. Spread the word, and experience strength, stability and support.    
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