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Our Community Credit Union has grown a unique partnership with local law enforcement to enhance the safety of our communities.  We are extremely excited to help tell the stories from K9 units that protect and serve the people of Mason and Grays Harbor Counties every day.

We're proud to introduce the newest additions to protecting our counties at the City of Shelton Police Department and the Aberdeen Police Department.
City of Shelton Police
Introducing Officer Diaz and K9 Tango
I have had dogs before, but that did not prepare me for spending every day, all day, and some evenings with my new partner. We have trained during the daytime and during the evenings so that we are ready for duty at all hours. As of last week we have been certified by the State of Washington as a Police K9 patrol team. The certification followed 10 weeks of training in all aspects of work for a patrol K9 team. It involved a lot of basic obedience while also learning the specialist portions of the duties, such as, tracking, searching for evidence, apprehension of suspects, report writing, and even how to be a sociable community member at events.
At the end of every training day, both he and I are worn out. We both eat dinner, have some play time and just be a regular dog, then get some sleep before the next training. Tango has a n outside kennel, so he can take a break and get some fresh air, at night he comes inside and sleeps in his crate. Dogs generally sleep 12 hours or more per day, so he needs to rest when he is off duty.
Next week we will start our regular patrol duties as a team in Shelton. You will see our K9 car around town and at events. Remember when you see Tango and I, before you approach Tango or the car, please ask. You should always ask the owner before you approach any dog, and a police dog is no different.
Tango and I are so thankful to the Shelton community for all of the donations to make this possible for both of us. Special thanks to the local businesses that helped us purchase Tango and the equipment he needs, OCCU, Sierra Pacific Industries, El Sarape Cantina, and My Painted Heart. There were many other businesses and community members that have contributed and we are thankful to all who donated their time, equipment or money.
We have started raising funds for our second K9 team and we have shirts and hoodies for sale at the Police Department.

Click here to learn more about donating to the Shelton Police K9 Foundation.
Thanks OCCU for all of your continued support!
Tango and Hector
Aberdeen Police Department
Ronin the Rescue 
Officer Chad Pearsall & K9 Ronin
Becoming a police officer was something that I had my eyes set on from a very young age. Watching my dad get ready for work and drive off in his patrol car was something that I dreamed of doing. As I got older the dream turned into wanting to become a K9 Handler so that I could take my best friend to work every day. My dream became true when I was hired by the Aberdeen Police Department. I set my goal and the work began to become a K9 handler. One day my Sergeant received a call from an area Master Trainer who had just tested a rescue dog that showed amazing Police K9 traits. Our department had been without a K9 for about a year; Chief Shumate took advantage of the opportunity to acquire one.
I was selected to be the new K9 handler, my sergeant and I made the 2-hour drive to go meet Ronin. Most K9 handlers from other agencies are able to tell you where their dog is from, their birthdate, and exact breed. Most K9’s come from overseas and are trained to be a police dog from a young age. Most Handlers get the experience of picking out their dog, maybe even the dog’s name and know exactly what they’re getting. This was not the case with Ronin.
Ronin was a rescue that was found on the streets of Tacoma when he was roughly a year old.  Ronin was adopted out and spent the next eight months in very poor conditions. He was kept in a crate and didn’t get the exercise he needed.  Ronin was taken back to the shelter weighing over a hundred pounds and unhealthy. Ronin was then taken in by a group of ladies that did scent training drills with him and noticed his incredible nose. They contacted a Master Trainer who put Ronin through a series of test, it was very obvious that Ronin had tremendous capabilities.
Ronin is believed to be a 2 ½ year-old German Shepard. He is healthy and currently weighs 75 pounds. I met Ronin in Sequim and brought him home the same night. Ronin became the newest member of the Aberdeen Police Department. Two days after picking Ronin up, we started our 480 hour police training.  He is trained for tracking /apprehension. In the class Ronin learned his obedience, tracking, and building search and area search skills. Additionally, he learned how to properly apprehend a criminal.
Ronin is now living the life that he was born to live as a working K9. Ronin has more energy than he knows what to do with. Every day before my shift, I walk into the garage and lift the inner garage door and hear Ronin awaken from his rest. Ronin then starts to whine and bark letting me know he’s ready for work. I round the corner and look at him and he just starts to jump at the door and spin. I pop the latch and tell him it’s time for work. He bolts out the door straight to my patrol car and awaits me to open the door so he can jump in. He proudly jumps in and is ready to head to work and keep the citizens of Aberdeen safe.

To the men, women and dogs that keep our communities safe and a special thank you to Officer Diaz and Chief Moody with the city of Shelton and Officer Pearsall with the Aberdeen Police Department for providing an insight to what their day to day lives are like with a K9 by their side.

For more information on the good work these units are doing in the community follow all of them on Facebook by clicking the links below.
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